Iran Gas Pipeline Explosions Act of Sabotage and Terrorism


Two explosions damaged the gas distribution network in Iran during the night from Tuesday to Wednesday. There have been no casualties, but gas supplies have been disrupted in at least three provinces.


The national gas company calls it an act of “sabotage and terrorism,” writes Shana, Iran’s official energy news agency.

The Iranian Oil Minister convened an emergency meeting with the security services at night. He assured that the pipelines would be repaired by the end of the day. “Fortunately, the objective pursued by the enemy, a gas cut for the country’s largest provinces, did not materialize,” the minister told journalists.

Gas pipelines have been damaged near Borujen, Chahar Mahaal and Bakhtiari province, and Safashahr, Fars province. The flames could be seen for miles. In both cases, the fires were under control.

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