Huawei Loses Fight Against Exclusion in Sweden


In Sweden, Chinese tech company Huawei has also failed to overturn its ban from providing 5G infrastructure on appeal.


The United States has accused the Chinese company of spying for the Chinese government for years. The company has consistently denied this.

In 2020, Sweden was the second country in Europe, after the United Kingdom, to almost completely exclude the Chinese supplier from supplies for its 5G network infrastructure.

The Swedish government also obliged telecom operators to remove already installed Chinese technology by January 1, 2025. Huawei had gone to court against those measures but was unsuccessful. The appeal court ruled on Wednesday that it is sufficiently plausible that Huawei equipment at the heart of the 5G infrastructure could harm the security of Sweden.

The measure weighed on the ties between Sweden and China. Beijing then threatened ‘consequences’ for Swedish companies active in China. Sweden has a major competitor of Huawei with Ericsson.

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