Explosion in Sea at Tourist Resort in Romania, Possibly Russian Sea Mine


On Monday, an explosion occurred in the Black Sea near the Romanian coast near Costinesti. Romanian media report this on the authority of disaster protection and eyewitnesses.


It may be a Russian naval mine, a spokesman for the Romanian navy told in the press. No one was injured.

Navy divers are now on their way to the scene of the explosion. Another floating mine has been sighted there, said spokesman Corneliu Pavel of the Romanian Naval Forces. Since the start of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the Romanian navy has defused five Russian naval mines in the Black Sea.

Costinesti is very popular with tourists. According to the authorities, the explosion happened in the water near a dike near a hotel. An eyewitness said he heard a loud bang, after which black smoke could be seen.

Romania is a member of NATO. It is currently unclear whether the alleged sea mine is of Russian origin.

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