EU: AstraZeneca Far Away From Promised Vaccine Deliveries


AstraZeneca is still “a long way off” from the promised deliveries of its corona vaccine to the European Union and is not doing its best to change that.


The European Commission is keeping all options open to obtain the promised vaccines, she says. But “we work with the companies, that’s the best solution to get what we want”.

The bad news about the supply of AstraZeneca vaccines is piling up again. Deliveries to the EU are also disappointing in the second quarter, and the company is said to have warned. Among others, EU country Denmark says it will only receive half of the usual doses. In principle, the vaccines are distributed fairly among the Member States.

The European Commission and the British-Swedish company have been arguing about deliveries for some time, which the company has also significantly reduced in the first three months. However, AstraZeneca is also in danger of not achieving the agreed lower amount.

“I see efforts, but not extreme efforts,” said European Commissioner Thierry Breton, who is committed to increasing the production capacity of corona vaccines in the EU, about AstraZeneca. “That is not enough to meet the commitments for the first quarter.”

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