Entering Random Houses Unsolicited: British Police Investigate New, Bizarre Trend on Tiktok


British police are investigating a worrying new trend on TikTok. Films circulate on the medium of young people entering houses just like that. A group only left a house after a man said that children also lived there.


In the videos, young people enter the houses of strangers. A specific group has already entered several houses but has also gone to schools and staff areas of supermarkets. The account was removed after the group received criticism for a video where they entered a house and only left when the owner said that children also lived there.

A boy with two friends can be seen at the beginning of the video. They walk towards a house, open the front garden gate, and enter. “Entering random houses,” reads the message. A woman in the front yard asks what they are doing. They ignore her, after which the woman gets scared. She calls out to someone in the house and yells for the youths to come to the front door.

The group does not listen to the woman and mocks her by imitating her. In between, the young people film the first floor of the house. The man who lives in the house has to leave his children downstairs and goes to the group. One of the boys asks him if their room is the study area. They continue filming and even lie on the couches.

Meanwhile, the children in the house can be heard calling their father in the background. Finally, the man announces that he has children and only then do the young people leave the house. TikTok users react negatively to the video and think it goes too far. “I don’t know what’s worse: what he did or if he thought this was a good idea for getting followers,” someone responds.

The police are also investigating the trend. “We are aware of the videos socializing on social media but have not yet received any charges,” a police spokesman told The Daily Mail. “Agents are investigating to find out the place and the people involved. They would like to speak to people who have more information.”

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