Elon Musk Suggests Better Tesla Batteries in the Coming Years


Elon Musk claims that within a few years, Tesla will have batteries that have half the capacity for the same weight.


In a tweet, the car manufacturer’s chief says that mass-produced 400 Wh / kg batteries are likely to be 3-4 years away from us. That would amount to fifty percent more capacity compared to the current Panasonic batteries, which are at 260Wh / kg.

This means that a car of the same weight can travel a lot further, a crucial characteristic in getting people to electric vehicles.

Reuters notes that Musk’s tweet comes in response to Battery Day, a Tesla event on September 22 where the company provides more information about its battery plans.

Panasonic would have previously said that it wants to increase the capacity of its current generation of batteries by twenty percent in five years.

At the same time, Tesla is also working with China’s Contemporary Amperex Technology to get a new type of battery in Chinese versions of the Model 3.

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