Doctor Who Treated Navalny in Siberia Suddenly Died


The doctor who treated Kremlin critic Aleksej Navalny in Omsk hospital after being poisoned has died at the age of 55.


The American television channel CNN reports based on the hospital that no details about the cause of death have been released.

Sergey Maksimisjin treated Navalny when the opposition leader came last August after being poisoned with the nerve poison Novichok. Maksimisjin was one of the foremost doctors in the hospital in the Siberian city.

A close associate of Navalny, Leonid Volkov, does not rule out the possibility that the doctor was killed intentionally. “But Russian health care is indigent, and it is not uncommon for doctors of his age to die suddenly.

I, therefore, do not think there will be an investigation into his death.”

Navalny was flown from Omsk to Berlin, where he received further treatment. On Tuesday, he was sentenced to 3.5 years in prison for violating parole agreements while he was in Germany.

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