Cybercriminals Claim Theft of 30 Million Microsoft Customer Credentials


A group of cybercriminals says they stole the login credentials of 30 million Microsoft customers. The tech giant denies the data theft but admits to being the target of an attack.


Anonymous Sudan claimed the attack, a collective also known as Storm-1359. A Microsoft spokesperson confirms to BleepingComputer that the company has previously been the target of attacks by this group. However, no data would have been stolen.

The most recent cyber attack is said to have taken place in June. It then concerned a series of DDoS attacks, which impacted the availability of services such as Azure, Outlook and OneDrive.

But Anonymous Sudan also offers a database for sale online with the login details of thirty million Microsoft customers and a price tag of $ 50,000. In a post on a hacker forum, a small dataset was also shared as evidence.

The set includes login details of about a hundred users, but it is currently impossible to verify whether this information has indeed been stolen from Microsoft.

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