Cryptocurrency Platform Accidentally Pays Out Millions to Australian Woman

41, a cryptocurrency trading platform, mistakenly transferred 10.5 million Australian dollars to an Australian woman. It took seven months for the company to discover that a mistake had been made. has now taken legal action to demand the money back, Australian channel Channel 7 reported citing legal documents.

The company had discovered in an audit in December that an error had been made in making a refund in May 2021. Instead of 100 Australian dollars, a whopping 10.5 million was paid to a woman from Melbourne. An account number was accidentally entered where the amount was to be entered. has gone to court to demand the money back. But according to Channel 7, some of the money has already been spent. For example, the woman is said to have paid 1.35 million Australian dollars for a five-bedroom house in a Melbourne suburb.

The legal battle, meanwhile, has already been partially won by The State of Victoria Supreme Court has ruled that the house must be re-sold, and the proceeds go to the company. The trial will continue in October. has not responded in the media for the time being.

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