Chinese Drone Manufacturer DJI Suspends Operations in Russia and Ukraine


China’s DJI, the world’s largest manufacturer of civilian drones, is suspending its commercial activities in both Russia and Ukraine. The drone builder is one of the few Chinese companies to take such an initiative publicly.


China is in close diplomatic contact with Russia. Beijing is bored with the Russian invasion of Ukraine but has so far refused to condemn it. This is in contrast to western countries, which imposed economic sanctions against Russia after the invasion. Many western companies have also stopped their activities in the country.

Last month, Ukrainian Deputy Prime Minister Mychailo Fedorov wrote a letter to DJI accusing the Russian military of using “products” from the Chinese company to target civilians. “We ask your company to cut ties with Russia and stop doing business with the country,” the letter said in a tweet.

In a press release, the Chinese drone manufacturer now said that it is investigating the matter and that it is already temporarily suspending all commercial activities in Russia and Ukraine. Last week DJI, which builds drones for civilians, denounced their use for military purposes.

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