British Minister Does Not Expect EU to Tear Up Trade Deal


The European Union will not just tear up the trade deal with the United Kingdom, even if the British unilaterally decide to cancel the Northern Ireland agreements. This is what British Brexit Chances Minister Jacob Rees-Mogg told BBC Radio.


Rees-Mogg would be surprised if the EU did because that “isn’t necessarily a move that benefits them”. Rees-Mogg points out that European consumers will also be affected. “Excluding a major supplier is self-injury. Does the EU want that? It’s possible, but I don’t think it’s very likely.”

Over the past week, the rhetoric about the Brexit deals around Northern Ireland has flared up again. The United Kingdom has been complaining for some time that these agreements are not workable.

It has been agreed that goods transported from Great Britain to Northern Ireland should be subject to border controls in order to avoid a hard border between Ireland and Northern Ireland. That is not allowed under the Good Friday Agreement between pro-Irish Catholics and pro-British Protestants.

London is now again alluding to the withdrawal of this part of the Brexit deal and complaining about the EU’s unwavering stance. Brussels, in turn, calls the attitude of the British blackmail.

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