Brazil Declares State of Emergency After Multiple Bird Flu Cases


Brazil has declared a zoological emergency after several bird flu outbreaks. This makes it easier for the government to take precautions to prevent the spread of the avian flu virus. The state of emergency is valid for 180 days.


Brazil is the world’s largest exporter of poultry. The Latin American country represents about a third of the world market, accounting for almost USD 10 billion in yearly exports.

In recent days, eight avian flu outbreaks have been detected in wild birds in Brazil. Most of them are in the state of Espirito Santo, and one in the state of Rio de Janeiro. However, that is still a long way from the main poultry production sites in the south.

But by declaring a state of emergency, the government hopes to prevent the virus from spreading to places where chickens are raised for slaughter, says a press release from Brazil’s Ministry of Agriculture.

The bird flu virus H5N1 is very contagious and deadly in birds. Currently, the epidemic is raging worldwide and worse than ever. There are also known cases of infection in humans, but for now, only if they have come into close contact with infected animals.

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