Australia is Working on New Climate Goal and Wants to Hold UN Climate Summit


The new government in Australia is coming “very soon” with a more ambitious climate target and wants to organize the United Nations climate summit together with neighbouring countries in the Pacific.


Foreign Minister Penny Wong announced this during a working visit to Fiji.

The plans are in line with the greener policies promised by Prime Minister Anthony Albanese. At the previous UN climate summit, COP26 in Scotland last year, the country was led by a conservative prime minister who was a strong supporter of the coal industry. “Australia has neglected its responsibility,” Wong said.

Australia is one of the world’s largest exporters of gas and coal. The previous Prime Minister, Scott Morrison, had promised to keep the country’s coal mines open as long as possible. In the run-up to COP26, he said Australia wants to become carbon neutral by 2050 but refused to enshrine this climate target in Australian law. His government was also reluctant to set climate targets for 2030.

It is not yet clear whether Albania’s centre-left government has a majority in parliament. The results of last Saturday’s parliamentary elections are not yet complete. The Albanian party will win at least 75 seats, according to Australian broadcaster ABC. He still needs one of the four seats yet to be allocated for a majority.

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