Antonio Banderas is Now Recovered from Heart Attack


Antonio Banderas has two months ago suffered a heart attack. “I’ve been very lucky, I am now 100% recovered,” the 56-year-old actor as told during his visit to the Malaga Spanish Film Festival.

Banderas said he had a heart attack that caused no lasting damage on 28 January. “They operated on me and my three stents placed in coronary arteries.

” The actor also said that he’s been struggling with cardiac arrhythmias. According to him, the health problems caused since he was 37 years and because of much hard work.

Rumors that Antonio Banderas had heart problems, did a few days after his heart attack all round. The Sun was able to report in late January that the actor was rushed to the hospital after he got hurt while exercising on his chest.

“It’s something that happens every day and comes across a lot of people,” he said Saturday about his health. “I never want to hide it, but I wanted to avoid was seen as more important than all the others.”

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