Amnesty International Asks Government in Iraq to Prevent Massacre


Amnesty International Asks Government in Iraq to Prevent Massacre. In Iraq, the government seems to be taking ever harder action against the demonstrators who have been on the streets for more than a month.


To evacuate Tahrir Square in Baghdad, the heart of the protest, and several large bridges, the police forces used brutal force. There were again deaths. Human rights organisation Amnesty International asks the Iraqi government to curb the order services “to prevent a massacre”.

In Baghdad and other Iraqi cities, today the police forces used tear gas and raised barriers. Nonetheless, protesters continue to come out on the street, although the government has been acting harder since yesterday.

In Baghdad, three bridges occupied by protesters were evacuated by force. The bridges are on the way to Tahrir Square, the epicentre of the protest.

Nine demonstrators were killed by bullets or tear gas shells. Three demonstrators also died in the southern city of Basra. In total, between 250 and 300 people have already died in the protest that started in Iraq since the beginning of October. Twelve thousand people were injured.

Amnesty International has called on the Iraqi government “to put an immediate end to the continued and unlawful use of lethal force.” The human rights organisation demands that the government curb the security services “to prevent a massacre.”

The protest in Iraq started in early October. The demonstrators flock to the streets against the corruption of the political elite, unemployment and the lack of public services in the country. They also turn against neighbouring Iran for blaming too much interference in Iraqi politics.

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