After 7 Years Hiding WikiLeaks Founder Julian Assange Arrested in London


After 7 Years Hiding WikiLeaks Founder Julian Assange Arrested in London. Julian Assange, the founder of the whistleblower platform WikiLeaks, was arrested by the British police after a seven-year stay in the Ecuadorian embassy.

He hid there for fear of extradition, but the country withdrew its political asylum, giving the police free rein. The US is asking for Assange’s delivery.

The born Australian Assange had been hiding in the embassy of the South American country since 2012. The activist feared that he would be extradited to the United States where he could be prosecuted for publishing secret information through his whistleblower site.

He was granted asylum there, but Ecuador withdrew diplomatic asylum because Assange would have violated the conditions for his stay at the embassy several times.

For example, he would have been “unlawfully involved in internal affairs.” Withdrawal had been in the air for a long time.

The London police eventually arrested Assange for an extradition request from the US dating from the end of 2017.

However, that does not mean that his extradition is a fact. The United Kingdom has assured Ecuador that Assange will not be extradited to a country where the death penalty is still applied.

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