Afghanistan Earthquake Rescue Completed


The rescue operation after Wednesday’s earthquake in Afghanistan has been completed, local authorities say. They don’t expect to find more people. Thousands of people have died in natural disasters.


According to a government employee, at least 10,000 houses have been completely or partially destroyed. Thousands of people have been injured.

The earthquake hit a mountainous area near the Pakistani border on Wednesday morning. The terrain is difficult to access, making it difficult for emergency personnel to get to the scene. On Thursday it also started to rain, making the roads slippery.

The Ministry of Health of the Taliban regime says there is a severe shortage of important medicines and medical supplies in the area. Since the Taliban took power in Afghanistan in August 2021, the country has been hit by harsh sanctions from the European Union and the United States, among others. This makes it difficult to obtain medicines and food.

Organizations such as the Red Cross have already pledged to help earthquake victims.

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