179 People Still Missing, Death Toll Rises to 84 After Earthquake in Japan


In Japan, 179 people are still missing after Monday’s earthquake. The death toll has now risen to 84. The earthquake also injured at least 330 people.


The west coast of Japan was hit by a magnitude 7.5 earthquake on New Year’s Day, followed by hundreds of aftershocks. Some missing may still be under the rubble of wholly or partially collapsed buildings.

Three days after the earthquake, the chance that any survivors will be found under the rubble is becoming increasingly smaller. Japanese media reported on Thursday that a woman in her eighties was found alive after the earthquake trapped her in her home. In total, almost 160 people have been rescued.

The extent of the earthquake damage remains unclear. The affected Ishikawa prefecture reports that thirty villages remain inaccessible.

More than 30,000 people are staying in evacuation centres in Ishikawa. Authorities say that while relief efforts have started, many evacuees have almost no access to food, water, electricity, or communications.

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