Zelensky Declares His Love for the European Union More Than Ever in a Powerful Speech


Ukrainian President Volodimir Zelensky gave a powerful speech at the European Parliament on Thursday. In it, he called for solidarity, additional aid and his country’s accession to the European Union. “If Ukraine loses the war, Europe loses.”


After minutes of applause, President Volodimir Zelensky spoke in the European Parliament on Thursday morning. “Long live Ukraine”, he began, with tears in his eyes. “Thanks for your support. It’s the only way for us to move forward. Ladies and gentlemen, European leaders and European citizens, you represent and lead Europe. You represent peace. And that is what Europe will offer to the rest of the world. It is a lifestyle in which the individual and the law are central, where different values are accepted and come together, where boundaries are respected, and there is trust. Where there is confidence in the future.”

“We are Europeans,” said Zelensky. “The totalitarian war must not be lost. If Ukraine loses, Europe loses. This war is not a simple territorial battle in the corner of Europe. This dictator with huge resources uses dictatorial means, and the Kremlin is trying to destroy all central European values. In Russia, nobody has values. Many of their burgers are cannon fodder. The Russian regime hates social equality, feeds xenophobia, and does not accept reality.”

“Thanks for defending us. That is also important to you, whoever you are. You must fight against disrespect and fight for a good future for our children. We can only win if we all work together,” emphasizes Zelensky. “Only a victory guarantees that our values are preserved. Ladies and gentlemen, European journalists and politicians, police officers, professors, teachers, scientists, construction workers, bank employees (…): they have never depended so much on politics as they do now. Each of you can have a substantial impact on a joint victory.”

“I get applause, but it’s the millions of people who support Ukraine who deserve the applause,” Zelensky said to loud applause again. “Therefore: thank you. Thanks for supporting us. We ask you to continue to do so. To receive refugees. This is about life and death. Thank you. I also thank those who helped by providing military support. And I thank you for allowing me to be here and that we defend the European lifestyle together. You have proved with your strength that you can be a house of justice and innovation in which we break through what Europe was. Russia is going to grit its teeth at it. We must secure peace and security for our children.”

“Today, the EU comes together, thank you again for everything,” Zelensky said. “A victorious Ukraine will one day be part of the European Union.” He emphasizes the importance of military support and sanctions against Russia. “Together, we can win this. Europe can win if we join forces. All European leaders do not want to let their arms hang down and lose what makes Europe Europe. We must defend our lifestyle. Europe must remain Europe. Europe will remain free as long as we are united and care about our Europe. Long live Ukraine.” After another round of applause, the Ukrainian national anthem played in parliament—a historic and powerful moment.

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