Russia to Chair UN Security Council from April 1: Kyiv Speaks of Bad Joke


Russia will take over the presidency of the UN Security Council for a month from next Saturday. Naturally, Ukraine is not happy about that. That Russia will be awarded the presidency on April 1 is a “bad joke”, it sounds in Kyiv.


The presidency of the UN Security Council is rotated. Each of the fifteen members will thus be able to lead the UN body for a month. Because the order of that rotating presidency is based on the alphabet, Russia will replace the African country of Mozambique as the head of the Security Council next month.

“Russia’s presidency of the UN Security Council from April 1 is a bad joke,” Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitro Kuleba said in a statement. “Russia is waging a colonial war, and its president is a war criminal wanted by the International Criminal Court for child abduction,” he wrote on Twitter.

The UN Security Council must resolve disputes that threaten international peace. The Security Council consists of fifteen members. Five countries, including Russia, are permanent UN body members and have the right to veto.

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