Minister Gifts Bats to Brides, for use Against Drunk Spouse


Hundreds of Indian brides have received a special gift from a minister: A BAT. These can be used by the brides in case of emergency against aggressive or drunk husbands.

Minister Gopal Bhargava gave away about seven hundred wooden bats in the last weekend. The bats are 30 centimeters long and are given to poor brides during a massive wedding party in Grahakota.

“The bats have a double advantage,” explained Bhargava. “They can use them when washing clothes, but if their men do not listen or become violent they are also useful as self-defense weapons.”

The minister placed pictures of the brides with bats on his Facebook page and announced that he had ordered 10,000 wooden bats in total. After a month, the effect of the gift must be determined by a survey. Successfully, we want to expand the initiative to other regions.

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