Elon Musk Plummets His Own Share Price With Crazy Tweets


The eccentric CEO of Tesla has caused the stock price of his company to plummet with several strange tweets. It is not the first incident for the man.


On May 1, Musk briefly sent a series of tweets into the world suggesting that the man may have had an emotionally difficult moment.

He first wrote that he will sell almost all his physical belongings, that his (currently pregnant) girlfriend Grimes is angry with him, but also that Tesla’s share price is currently too high.

The latter is especially important because the tweet quickly caused the course to plummet. Currently, Tesla is worth about ten percent less than just before Musk’s tweets.

Apart from those tweets, the company currently has a large proportion of its employees on unpaid leave due to the corona crisis.

Later, he also tweeted parts of the national anthem, and just days earlier called for the coronavirus to stop the U.S. lockdown.

Earlier he also shared a dubious paper about Chloroquine’s use against corona, which was not true in substance, and claimed that the panic surrounding the virus was stupid and that the panic was worse than the virus itself.

In short: Elon Musk still has an opinion and likes to share it on Twitter, regardless of whether it is scientifically substantiated.

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