Brazilian Police Seize 17 Tons of Cocaine in Drug Gang Arrest


In Brazil, one of the most active drug gangs and largest suppliers to Europe was rounded up on Thursday. However, in a press release, Europol speaks of “a significant gain in ‘the war on drugs'” on Friday.


Authorities arrested fifteen people and seized over 85 million dollars worth of goods and more than seventeen tons of cocaine.

On Thursday, the agents behind Operation Hinterland conducted 37 house searches in Brazil. In addition to fifteen arrests, this also resulted in the seizure of 173 vehicles and an aircraft. Furthermore, the bank accounts of 147 individuals and 66 companies have been frozen.

In the two-year investigation, the police seized more than seventeen tons of drugs, totalling billions of euros. In Spain, property belonging to gang members is also still being sought.

The gang first gained attention in late 2020 when German customs intercepted 316 kilograms of cocaine in Hamburg. In collaboration with the French, Spanish and German authorities, the Brazilian federal police eventually uncovered an extensive drug network. That reached from Paraguay to Europe and would have delivered several tons of cocaine each time.

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