YouTube Removes German Version of Russian State Medium RT

YouTube has removed two channels of the German version of the Russian state medium RT from its platform.


That action did not go down well with the former Russia Today. The editor-in-chief of the Moscow-based medium speaks on Twitter of a ‘media war’.

According to YouTube, the measure was taken because RT did not comply with the platform’s information regulations regarding the corona crisis. RT had already pointed this out before, and that is why it was not allowed to upload videos for a certain period of time. RT did so via another YouTube channel, after which both were taken offline.

RT has wanted to expand in Germany for some time now. A German-language television program would be in the works, but there is no license to broadcast in Germany for the time being. It is therefore bound to the internet. According to the German weekly Der Spiegel, the YouTube account of the German RT had more than 600,000 subscribers.

In the west, RT is seen as a Kremlin propaganda tool. The medium is accused of spreading conspiracy theories and disinformation on behalf of the Russian state.

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