Why Should Young Adults Travel More Often?


From creating lifetime memories to breaking monotonous routines of life to discovering the inner self, traveling has a number of benefits on the mind, body, heart and soul.

A lot of us keep on postponing our itinerary for the ‘perfect time’, ‘after 40’, ‘after retirement’, ‘after child’s marriage’ and so on. In the process, our dream trip never happens. Instead of planning for that dream tour start traveling from today itself. Traveling at a young age is really good for you. Read the following points to understand why:

You gain experience of life

Apart from lots of valuable memories, every trip brings with it a tremendous amount of experience. When we move out of our hometown and mingle with new people, travel unknown valleys and explore a new land we gain both bad as well as good experiences, the collective effect of which transforms us into a matured human being.

You meet interesting people

No matter where you go and how you go you are bound to meet a lot of interesting people throughout your travel. These meetings often become long term friendship thanks to the social media. It is always fun to have foreign friends from different culture and language.

You do not get a chance to get bored

You can never relate to your friends and colleagues who are always busy complaining about their monotonous and hectic life. For you, life will always be exciting.

You work with double energy

After a trip, the next few weeks are the most productive ones. So traveling twice a year can help you to maintain the right balance between work and leisure.

You understand life

When you travel different places you will see and witness various issues and problems related to those places. The more you interact with the place the more you understand the basic principles of life. Needless to say, you will become more matured.

You have energy and enthusiasm

Do not expect to travel places with the same enthusiasm after 30 years. Your body conditions and state of mind will not be same always. What you have today will not stay forever. So make as many trips as possible while you are young.

You learn adaptability

Sleeping under the sky, taking lunch on a barren hill top, adjusting in a low budget hotel, traveling in waiting list ticket and answering nature’s call in untidy washrooms will make you adaptable. You can adjust to any situation in life.

You have fewer responsibilities now

Traveling while you are young has its own benefits; the best being that you do not have to carry your kids and partner along with you. Less responsibility = more adventure.

You get to learn about different cultures

The world is vast and life is short. In our life time, we should travel to different cities and countries to know about the culture, traditions, rituals and mode of living of people of those places.


If you are a foodie, this is another good reason to explore new places. You can boast of trying those dishes which your friends and colleagues might not have heard of even.

You stay fit

If you are a frequent traveler who likes to hike, scuba dive, bungee jump or get involved in any adventurous activity, your body will stay fit and active. It is recommended that you join a gym or yoga center in order to use your energy efficiently.

Now let us flip the coin

With all good things come some drawbacks too. So let us flip the coin and look at the other side too. Below are some of the demerits of traveling too often

i) A hole in your pocket

If you travel often, your savings will get a blow for sure. So enjoy life but not at the cost of flushing out every penny from your account. Travel economically.

ii) Inconsistent at workplace

No company will want to hire workers who stay in vacation mode most of the times in a year. Even if you are a student frequent absence from the college will affect your studies and being always late in submitting assignments is something that you should always stay away from.

iii) Shifting of focus

When you stay out discovering life and new places, you soon start to take less interest in ‘materialistic’ and ‘monotonous’ job. If you are a part of a project, the other members will be demotivated by your attitude.

Be sure to maintain a fine balance between your professional life and travel frequency. Excess of either is harmful.

Here it is worth mentioning that going on week long tours twice a year, accompanied by 2-3 short local trips is a good thing to do. By local trips we mean areas near to your home town. However this should be planned keeping the above mentioned factors in mind.

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