Windows Update Automatically Removes Older Edge Browser

From April 13, Microsoft will install its latest version of the Edge browser on Windows 10 computers. Legacy Edge, an offshoot of Internet Explorer, is automatically removed.


Microsoft has been tiresome for a while to push its user base into modernity with light or heavy coercion. The so-called Legacy Edge is based on Internet Explorer, the browser with which Microsoft pushed Netscape Navigator out of the market twenty years ago.

However, the software was not quite up to date, and in terms of security and functionality has since been overhauled by competitors such as Firefox, Chrome and Safari.

Based on Google open-source Chromium, a new version of Edge was launched in 2019 and should make up for it. And it is that version that Microsoft is now trying to push through Windows update. The browser is currently the default browser in Windows 10 (for the users who have not immediately changed that).

For those who are particularly slow to update their software, a new operating system update will automatically install Chromium Edge while removing Legacy Edge.

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