Windows Can Now Run Visual Linux Apps on Windows

In a preview version, it is now possible to use Linux applications with a graphical interface on Windows 10. Microsoft is thereby expanding its support for Linux in Windows.


Microsoft has provided Windows 10 with a Linux kernel within Windows since 2019. The so-called Windows Subsystem for Linux or WSL. This was expanded last year with WSL2, whereby the support became much broader. Now Microsoft is releasing Windows Subsystem for Linux Gui (WSLg), an extension specifically for graphical Linux applications.

This means that applications with a graphical user interface (so not only via a command line and the necessary knowledge of those commands) can now be used from Windows.

This is useful for those who want to use applications on Windows that currently only exist on Linux. But also for developers who wish to test and develop their application on both platforms. For example, they have to switch less between devices or virtual machines.

Microsoft itself provides more information about the possibilities in this blog post. Further technical explanation can also be found in the repository on Github.

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