Warning of Explosive Eruptions Volcano Hawaii

Warning of Explosive Eruptions Volcano Hawaii. The Kilauea volcano on Hawaii continues to spit lava. There are warnings of new, explosive eruptions when the lava in the crater of the volcano comes into contact with the groundwater. Due to the reaction between the glowing hot lava and the water, stones can be thrown high into the air, and enormous ash clouds can arise.


Even today, new cracks were reported from which, apart from lava, the toxic sulfur dioxide gas also leaks. Residents of the Lanipuna Gardens district have fled to the coast because of the new eruptions.

Since the first eruptions almost a week ago, 36 buildings have been destroyed and 2000 people have left their homes. Rescue teams use safety clothing and breathing equipment to remove people who were left behind to care for pets and livestock.

Kalauea has been operating more or less continuously since 1983, but these eruptions are new. In the meantime, there are fourteen cracks of lava flows, and the lava sometimes sprays ninety meters into the air. Geologists report loud bangs and droning sounds. There are also regular earthquakes.

Experts compare the situation with 1955 when the volcano spit lava for 88 days and covered 400 hectares of land with lava.

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