Voluntary Departures and Technical Problems Plague Twitter

The chaos at Twitter continues as employees are both required to come to the office, while those offices are suddenly closed. In the meantime, the platform is struggling with technical problems that some see as the beginning of the end.


After Musk had already fired half of the staff and shortly afterwards rehired some because they turned out to be more crucial than he thought, Musk launched a new personnel policy in recent days: employees had a choice: to agree to long working hours and a much higher workload or resign for the next three months.

That call also boomeranged back in Musk’s face. According to Bloomberg, far more people than thought chose not to be pushed by Musk and preferred to be fired. This means that Twitter now has to temporarily close its offices until November 21 because it is currently unclear who will still be allowed access to Twitter’s buildings.

Meanwhile, Musk also lightened his tone around homework. He will tolerate remote work if your manager can confirm that you are doing an exceptional job.

With the great exodus and general chaos at Twitter, many fear that sooner or later, the site will go under as a lot of knowledge of its inner workings disappears. For example, a plan by Musk to disable some microservices already led to two-step verification no longer working so that some people could no longer log in.

The stability of the platform seemed to waver briefly last night. According to Downdetector, there were a lot of reports that Twitter was unreachable between midnight and this morning. This prompts many to fear the end of the site with the hashtag #riptwitter. However, we have to nuance that the reports are now in a downward trend again.

Musk himself, meanwhile, continues to laugh at the situation. He claims that Twitter has never been more popular and shares memes about Twitter’s demise. It seems that the platform will continue to operate for the time being, but it remains unclear how much staff will be required and how long that staff can sustain the whims of Musk, who is regularly described by his portion of drama as “space Karen.”

Although Musk likes to boast about Twitter’s success, it is striking that Twitter is actively blocking competitor Mastodon. As a result, anyone attempting to tweet the Joinmastodon.com URL will receive a warning that it will be blocked because it is a potentially malicious link. As is often the case with Musk’s interventions, it is only half done because Joinmastodon.org tweeting is still possible.

Anyone who fears that the end of Twitter is near can download their archive completely. That is simple but requires a few hours of waiting time. In your account, click on ‘more’ -> settings and support -> settings and privacy -> Your account. There you click on ‘Download archive of your data’. Then you must enter your password and enter the code sent to your email address or telephone number.

Attention: the archive is not immediately available; it can take several hours to days before you receive a notification. Afterwards, the download will be available for a few days. That way, you still have an archive of your tweets and interactions should the Twitter Titanic sink.

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