Video that Hurts Face Recognition of Galaxy S8


Video that Hurts Face Recognition of Galaxy S8. Anyone could unlock your new Samsung S8, as long as he has a picture of you on his smartphone.

This week in New York, Samsung unveiled its new Galaxy S8 smartphone, including a virtual assistant, water resistant and facial recognition.

Except for the latter option, there is a small catch. Indeed, a simple photo displayed on a smartphone would make it possible to deceive the facial recognition of the S8.

This is at least demonstrated by a video published by iDeviceHelp.

On the images, a person succeeds in a very short time to unlock a demo model with a photo of him displayed on his own smartphone. Which would mean that anyone could unlock your Galaxy S8 by having discreetly photographed upstream?

And here’s what a Samsung spokesman said to this problem: “It is important to repeat that facial recognition, so practical, can only be used for opening your Galaxy S8 and cannot currently not be used to authenticate access to Samsung Pay or Secure Folder.

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