USPS Mail Carriers: Know Them Better

We all do keep reading about the mail services and the USPs holidays and how that would come to affect us, but we often don’t pay much attention to the person who actually comes home to deliver our packages and mails for us.

In fact, the mail carrier is the person we are dealing with, and this should actually try to know about them a little more. After all, a little more knowledge has never really hurt anyone.

The mail carriers have their own day
We always are looking at the post office holiday calendar and how their off days would affect our days but do we ever sit to recognise the efforts the mail carriers have to put in to ensure the safety of all our mails? They are the ones going through harsh climate conditions and bad road conditions to bring us our packages.

 To give credit to their services and acknowledge the hard work they put in, February 4th is marked as the mail carrier’s day. Make sure you credit their work through a treat or a handwritten note to brighten up their day as they continue working.

Mules are not out of fashion
While work has bene done top access Alaska and parts of it through the air now and not by dog sledges, there are still some areas where the mail carriers don’t have it easy. These areas are situated in far off lands that are not accessible otherwise but by mules only.

 One example would be the Indian reservation, Supai in the Grand Canyon which is not even accessible even if you take the best four-wheelers to the route. The mail carriers have no other option but to use the mules and make the three-hour long journey to deliver the mails. We just hope that the trips are taken around the USPS holidays to ensure that the mail carriers get to take some rest after the tiring journey.

Dog spray for safety
Not all pets are friendly and welcoming and to avoid any such accidents, the mail carriers have to come fully prepared. They always carry a dog spray with them to ensure their safety and that of the packages they are carrying along.

 In case a pet decides to make unfriendly advancements, a quick spray will give them enough time to make a run for a quick, safe exit. For days when they forget to bring one, they can use the mailbox as a shield to protect themselves.

Mail handling
Mail delivery is not the only job mail carriers have to carry out. It is also a part of their duty to manage mails and ensure that they are done with them all before post office holiday calendar shows up an off day.

Mail carriers are the backbone of the USPS services, and without them, the whole system would come crashing down. Make sure you treat them with respect and continue to access the website for any possible updates that might concern you.

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