USA: Russia Plant Early 2022 Massive Offensive in Ukraine

Russia would prepare to fall into Ukraine early next year with more than 175,000 troops. The Washington Post reports are based on US intelligence services and conversations with anonymous sources.


At present, around 70,000 Russian soldiers would be near the border with Ukraine, but the US intelligence services expect the number to be scaled up to 175,000. In the coming period, Americans expect Russia to scroll with troops “to obscure intentions and create uncertainty.”

Moscow has already denied plans for an attack and continues to repeat that Russia has the right to use troops in their own country without foreign interference. However, those statements do not reassure the Ukrainians and other countries. Due to the troop structure, the tensions have increased considerably after a period of relative peace.

The United States said to work with European allies to prevent an attack. However, Russian President Vladimir Putin warned the West and Kyiv about passing a “red line” with military activities in Ukraine. The American president Joe Biden responded that he would accept “nobody red lines”.

The presidents speak to each other in the short term about the stressed tensions. Biden said to reporters that he expects a “long discussion” and he will make the Putin “very difficult” “to continue and do what people are afraid of”. His government has already warned the Russians of “serious consequences” if they invade their neighbouring country.

Ukraine and Russia have been engaged in a conflict since the Russians annexed Crimea in 2014. Pro-Russian separatists, supported by Russia, fight Ukraine’s east against president Volodimir Zelenki’s government army. More than 13,000 were killed in the war.

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