US Wants to Tighten Trade Ties with Taiwan


The United States will ramp up trade with Taiwan in response to China’s “provocative” behavior, the White House reported. In addition, the US is pushing for the right of air and sea passage in the Taiwan Strait.

A new trading plan will be revealed sometime in the coming days. It was previously known that US troops would cross the Taiwan Strait in the coming weeks.

The statement followed China’s furious response last week to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan. Beijing subsequently held its most extensive military exercises around the island, which China considers a renegade province. According to the White House, Pelosi’s visit is in line with the existing Washington policy.

Taiwan has accused China of using Pelosi’s visit as an excuse to conduct military exercises. According to Taipei, these would be in preparation for an invasion.

Taiwan’s Foreign Ministry thanked Washington in a statement on Saturday for its support. It also highlighted the US commitment to maintaining security in the Taiwan Strait and peace in the region.

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