United Kingdom Bans More Than 3,000 EU Citizens at Border

The United Kingdom stopped 3,294 European Union citizens at the border in the first three months of this year, The Guardian reports.


In the same period last year, there were 493, while many more people went to the UK than this year because of the current corona measures.

People from the EU can visit the UK without a visa but can be stopped at border control. The people who were stopped were suspected of wanting to enter the country to work without the necessary papers.

The authorities said earlier that too strict a policy is often followed at the border. Many people who had a job interview were also refused, even though that is not the intention.

In the United Kingdom, concerns have been expressed about the strict policy. More people are expected to arrive from the EU due to the relaxation of the measures against the coronavirus.

Many more EU citizens may be refused or even detained for a short time in the coming months.

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