Trump Supporters Gather at Orlando Airport

Supporters of President Trump have been gathering at an airport northeast of Orlando since Sunday night for Trump’s first election rally since his corona infection, according to local media.


Trump is coming to a state he just won in 2016. He received 1.2 percent more votes than then-Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton. In polls, he is now 4 percent behind Joe Biden in Florida.

Orlando is the largest town in the Orange County district, where Trump achieved only 35 percent at the time. It is essential to be the first in Florida to be the following among the many Latinos, who make up more than a quarter of the population.

In Orange County, 27 percent of the population is of Hispanic descent. According to statistics, 1 percent is of Dutch descent.

According to a recent poll, Biden is doing better and better among Americans of Latin American descent. Cuban Latinos generally remain loyal to Republicans, but others are increasingly favouring Democrats. They mainly dominate the densely populated southeast, including Miami, but also the Orlando region.

A son of Trump, Donald junior, was already on campaign in Orlando on Sunday. He travels through Florida on a bus with “Fighters Against Socialism”.

According to Donald junior, there is still work to be done to catch up in the polls, but he says his father’s actual following is more significant than pollsters claim, as in 2016.

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