Trump Refuses to Accuse Putin of Influencing Elections

Trump Refuses to Accuse Putin of Influencing Elections. Donald Trump sees no reason to believe that Russia was trying to influence the US presidential election.


That said the American president during a press conference after a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The two held their joint summit for the first time in the Finnish capital Helsinki. The meeting came after years of increasing tension between the West and Russia. Trump seems to want to put a line there now. Both men are looking for a better relationship.

Trump acknowledged that his intelligence service accused the Russians of having influenced the presidential election, but he said the Russian president was firm and forceful in his denials.

Trump and Putin spoke to each other in Finland for about four hours, partly behind closed doors. Both leaders were later satisfied with the consultation.

Trump talked about a ‘very constructive day’ and wanted to improve the relationship between the countries. The alleged interference in the presidential election is one of the problems in that relationship.

Putin acknowledges that he hoped Trump would win the election but calls the accusations “nonsense.”

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