Trump Goes to Court to Prevent Release of Documents

Donald Trump has gone to court to prevent White House data on the January 6 storming of the Capitol from being handed over to a commission of inquiry.


The former president, who has been impeached for allegedly inciting supporters to storm, says he has the privilege of keeping sensitive documents secret.

Also, former advisers of his would not have to testify about his role during the events of that day. Legal experts are divided on whether this presidential privilege applies to a former president, and so far, no court has ruled on it.

A House of Representatives Committee of Inquiry has been set up to evaluate Trump’s role in the attack on the House of Representatives building in Washington. President Joe Biden authorized the release of documents to this committee earlier this month.

“The commission’s request amounts to nothing less than an infuriating, illegal information-fishing attempt. This is openly endorsed by Biden and is intended to investigate President Trump and his administration unconstitutionally,” said documents filed with a Washington court.

With the lawsuit, Trump wants to force the judge to invalidate any request for information from the Commission of Inquiry and hopes to prevent the National Archives from handing over the requested documents.

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