Trump Finally Sharp and Disciplined But It is Too Late

Many US media outlets and their experts are impressed by President Trump’s sudden calm demeanour in the final debate before the election. But his sharp and disciplined style comes too late, according to some observers, with only eleven days to go before the election.


The president was controlled and prepared, but he needed a game-changer, and there was none, an analyst said in the media.

A Republican Party political strategist also notes “a dramatic change in the tone” of Trump and hopes that this will help at least help maintain the Republican majority in the Senate at the last minute.

But Trump can still win, the strategist added less confidently. In addition to the president, the Americans also elect the 435 members of the House of Representatives and over a third of the Senate.

While the Philadelphia Inquirer noted that Trump seemed calm for himself, he is still the same Trump. The president repeatedly said he was not a politician in the debate and still presents himself as an ‘outsider’.

Opponent Joe Biden called him an incompetent leader who has failed in multiple crises, especially during the pandemic. The New York Times is not the only one who sees opposite views of the country in the two rivals.

Biden and Trump want to do, or not tackle, almost everything differently, such as the coronavirus, the economic corona crisis, climate change, immigration, race issues, crime and the justice system.

Trump also attacked Biden over the shadowy affairs of his son Hunter, who years ago made fortunes in countries where his father came in as vice president as President Obama’s envoy at the time. Biden has previously said he knew nothing about Hunter’s affairs. But Trump stated that Biden should explain to Americans. Biden just said that “nothing unethical has happened”.

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