Top Woman Privacy Watchdog Resigns Incensed


Alexandra Jaspar, one of the five directors at the Data Protection Authority (DPA), resigns over a ‘lack of independence’.


‘I have done everything to prevent the conflict of interest and the lack of integrity, but everyone lets go. I don’t want to be complicit in this,” said Alexandra Jaspar about her resignation.

It has been rumbling at the top of the GBA for some time. Jaspar’s Knowledge Centre service screens bills for privacy issues and ensures that citizens’ personal data is protected. But according to Jaspar, her service cannot function because some members have double hats.

For example, she criticizes top civil servant Frank Robben, who is also a member of the Knowledge Centre.

Furthermore, the chairman of the GBA, David Stevens, gets a blow from Jaspar. According to her, he ‘does everything possible not to defend the privacy of citizens’. Instead, ‘He rather defends the interests of certain authorities, organizations and powerful people.’

In addition to Stevens and Jaspar, there are three other directors.

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