Top 5 Highest Paying Part-Time Jobs

It’s not easy to get a good salary, particularly when you are working on part-time jobs. We understand that people want to earn well in minimum time and spend a maximum of their time on other things. So here we have assembled top 10 highest paying part-time jobs, which will pay you more than normal salary.

1.    Tutoring
As a tutor, you can work online or even in person. Online tutors don’t make much money, but the job is flexible because you get to fix your own hours and work from home. In-person a tutor charges $40 per hour or more.

2.    Travel Agent
So do you think you have that flare of being a travel agent, do you love to book vacations and help people with their travel dreams? If yes, then it’s a good idea to consider working as a travel agent, normally the pay is commission based but if you come in the top agent’s list you can earn more than $50,000 a year.

3.    Attendant at Breakfast Restaurant
You can work as an attendant at a buy breakfast restaurant, you can get $25 an hour in tips, plus your hourly pay of $5 an hour, this also depends on where you live if you are working in a high locality breakfast restaurant your hourly wages can be more than $5.

4.    Personal Assistant
As a personal assistant, it’s not necessary that you have to work from the office, you can also work from home as the part-time job, and as a personal assistant, you get paid $15 to $25 per hour.

5.    Beautician
If you are a housewife with kids, then this is the best job for you, you can set your own work time and set up a small saloon if you have a spare room, basement or even garage. You can do makeup, hair styling, and other beauty services and can make more than $100 a day.

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