Timmermans Calls on Countries to Accept Climate Summit Conclusions

European Commissioner Frans Timmermans has called on all countries at the climate summit to agree with the conclusions as they are now on paper. “For God’s sake, don’t give up this moment,” he shouted.


His message was mainly addressed to countries that want to continue working on the final statement, of which the United Kingdom chairman released a new version on Saturday morning.

“I wonder if we don’t run the risk of stumbling just before the finish of this marathon,” said Timmermans. “Please embrace this text so we can give hope to our children and grandchildren,” he told everyone in attendance. “They won’t forgive us if we fail today.” His call received a loud round of applause.

Before Timmermans spoke, China made it clear that it still wants to see “minor changes”. However, the country does not intend to re-examine the entire text.

India is strongly criticized. That country’s environment minister called the text out of balance and suggested that it would be difficult to reach a consensus on this. He added that developing countries “have a right to the responsible use of fossil fuels”. Rich countries have done that for a long time.

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