TikTok is Considering Giving Makers a Share of Its Income

TikTok is looking into sharing its ad revenue with the top creators on its platform. The video platform is studying the option for creators, public figures and press (publishers), it says in a press release.


This concern accounts for at least 100,000 subscribers. By sharing, TikTok wants them to feel valued and rewarded.

The setup is not new. Other platforms such as YouTube have been making it possible to monetize very popular videos for years. By financially rewarding the makers of those films, they have a good reason to continue producing on the platform.

TikTok has grown enormously during the corona crisis but has also struggled for a long time to monetize its videos.

The platform has one billion monthly users today. According to the site Business of Apps, it is said to have generated $4.6 billion last year, which is roughly the same as Snapchat, which has just over 300 million daily active users.

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