The Trial Against Prime Minister Netanyahu Resumes

The corruption trial against Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu resumed on Monday. The 71-year-old politician appeared in court in Jerusalem and declared himself innocent.


Netanyahu last appeared in court in May. The process was subsequently delayed due to the corona crisis. The resumption of the lawsuit is accompanied by strict security measures, according to Israeli media. There were snipers on the roofs.

The prime minister had asked his supporters to stay away because of the pandemic, but dozens of protesters came to court.

Netanyahu is the first prime minister to be prosecuted during his tenure. Among other things, he would have accepted gifts and rewarded media bosses in exchange for positive reporting. His lawyers respond to the allegations on Monday.

The Conservative leader has previously described his persecution as a political witch hunt.

The trial comes at an unfortunate time for the prime minister. Israeli voters will go to the polls again in March for the fourth nationwide election in less than two years. Netanyahu may have to appear in court repeatedly during the campaign period.

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