The Stock Exchanges in New York Opened With Profit on Wednesday

The stock exchanges in New York opened with profit on Wednesday. Investors on Wall Street responded to new US employment data from payroll processor ADP.


In addition, entertainment giant Disney looked at the books.

The Dow-Jones index was raised 0.7 percent in the first few minutes of trading, at 27,024 points. The broad-based S&P 500 rose 0.4 percent to 3319 points, and tech exchange Nasdaq climbed 0.1 percent to 10,953 points.

US companies are hiring workers again since lockdown measures against the coronavirus have eased in much of the country, ADP says. According to payroll processors, not all that many jobs were created in July. On the other hand, the figure for June has been revised upwards.

Disney (plus 6 percent) had a net loss of $ 4.7 billion in the past quarter, but the numbers were less than feared. Due to the corona pandemic, many amusement parks of the American entertainment group remained closed, causing the company to miss out on that income.

Because the releases of major films were postponed and cinemas often remained closed, the yields of the film studios also halved. An increase in Disney + subscribers during the lockdowns was far from offsetting that drop.

During the lockdown measures, the maker of meat substitutes Beyond Meat (minus 6.3 percent) almost tripled the supermarket sales of its veggie burgers and sausages. To make enough products suitable for retail sales, the company also lost more money, which led to a more significant loss.

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