The Iranian Parliament is Suing President Rohani

The Iranian parliament has filed suit against President Hassan Rouhani. They accuse him of ignoring the laws of parliament.


According to Fars news agency, 190 of the 235 MPs voted for the charge. Further details are still missing.

Observers see a link between the vote and the renewed nuclear negotiations in Vienna, which may require a compromise with the United States.

Shortly after their victory in the parliamentary elections in February 2020, the hardliners and conservatives had put pressure on the moderate president to resign. They claim that Rouhani is driving the Islamic Republic of its ideological goals.

Rouhani, in turn, accuses conservatives in parliament of sacrificing national interests for a domestic power struggle ahead of the presidential election in June. Rouhani himself has no chance for the presidency after two terms in office.

According to observers, the hardliners want to minimize the chances of other moderate candidates.

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