The Importance of A Good Trading Platform

After months of getting battered, markets around the world are finally showing signs of life. Stock markets in New York and Japan have seen upticks recently, with New York starting August strongly and Japan making gains in the first week of September. The forex market is also starting to thrive once again, with Reuters reporting that world shares set record highs at the start of September, buoyed in part by the dollar and euros’ improved performance. These positive developments suggest a looming resurgence, which means now is a good time to return to, or start, trading. For those who don’t trade it is a good opportunity to earn a side income, especially if you are currently stuck at home and looking for extra funds. In order to successfully trade you will need to find a good trading platform with the following benefits.

Virtual training programs

Getting a feel as to how the world of trading works is crucial for any new investor, and a good trading platform offers that opportunity without any money involved! NerdWallet details how the best platforms feature simulators that let new traders get their feet wet first and gain invaluable experience on the inner workings of investing. In fact, these virtual-trading practice environments are as close to the real thing as anything, as they’ll give you access to the same setup actual investors use, and that includes watch lists, stock screens, and data feeds. And it’s all without the risk of losing any money.

Access to analytical materials

Big data is changing the dynamic of trading, with Towards Data Science noting how collecting and analysing data is now the key to making well-informed decisions about your trade. This is why looking for a trading platform with integrated analytics is crucial. FXCM’s Meta Trader 4 features interactive charts with a wide variety of indicators, as well as a technical analysis package with a variety of built-in and custom indicators. These allow traders to easily follow any fluctuations. On the other hand, the platform of financial service Ameritrade has a powerful scan feature that allows for real-time tracking of market trends, along with risk/reward monitoring and access to historical data. It is important to seek out these features as they will let you easily analyse the vast amount of data available and use it to your benefit.

Access to market signals

For new investors any form of help is invaluable. Good online platforms offer that kind of assistance and it comes in many forms. Among the most helpful is access to market signals, where experienced traders give novice traders advice as to which assets to buy or sell, and when to do so. These signals guide other users to make the right trading decisions.

Ease of use and speed

Lastly, a good trading platform offers a simple interface with straightforward controls, thereby allowing you to manage your activities easily and conveniently. This simplicity eliminates the need for you to consult with a broker when carrying out tasks such as buying and selling. Just as important, a good trading platform expedites both buying and selling, thus allowing you to consummate transactions in a speedy and timely manner. Speed, of course, is crucial to making a profit, whether you are into stocks or forex. That’s because stocks, shares, bonds and currencies can shift positions in just seconds, and being able to make trades in that fleeting window will let you take advantage when things shift into your favour.

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