The Health of Wikileaks Founder Julian Assange is Improving

The health of WikiLeaks creator Julian Assange is improving. That’s what his spokesperson Kristinn Hrafnsson said Tuesday.


The 48-year-old Australian has been in prison in London since April, awaiting a court decision whether he will be banished to the United States. The lawsuit on this will resume next week.

Assange’s supporters were concerned about his health. He made a confused impression during a court hearing in October. He did not know his name and age and stated that he was unable to think logically.

I saw him about ten days ago, “said Hrafnsson. “He is doing better, thanks to the pressure from his legal team, the general public and, surprisingly, from his fellow prisoners in Belmarsh.”

In November last year, more than 60 doctors from different countries sounded the alarm about his physical and mental condition.

The US accuses Assange of stealing and spreading secrets from the US Department of Defense. Eighteen charges have been filed against him. The whistleblower tries to prevent extradition to the US.

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