The British Liberal Democratic Party Goes for No-Brexit

The British Liberal Democratic Party Goes for No-Brexit. The pro-European Liberal Democratic Party confirmed at a party congress in Bournemouth, southern England, that the Brexit should be prevented under all circumstances.


A majority of the members voted in favour of the party’s commitment to the country cancelling the cancellation of EU membership. A British government can unilaterally cancel the Brexit by withdrawing membership.

But the current Conservative Prime Minister Boris Johnson has just emphasised again at the weekend that he will remove the country from the EU on 31 October anyway, if necessary without agreements with the other 27 EU member states on future relations.

Johnson even came up with an interview with “The Incredible Hulk,” to indicate with what raging force his country will be relieved of its EU chains under its government. Johnson will have lunch tomorrow with EU CEO Jean-Claude Juncker.

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