Texas Abortion Ban Remains in Effect After Court Ruling

Strict anti-abortion laws remain in effect in the US state of Texas for the time being. The state court ruled on that Thursday, sticking to an earlier decision to quash a ban on the legislation.


Earlier this week, the court ruled in a “temporary decision” that an injunction against the legislation, which had been announced less than 48 hours earlier by Judge Robert Pitman, would be quashed. The U.S. The Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit upheld Thursday’s decision that Pitman, a lower court judge, should not have issued the injunction.

For women in Texas, it means abortions after the sixth week of pregnancy will continue to be banned in the southern state. The U.S. Supreme Court previously ruled that the law could remain in effect until a final ruling. However, according to a Supreme Court ruling in 1973, abortion is allowed in the US until the 24th week of pregnancy.

The legal battle is not over yet. The bill is likely to be appealed again, forcing the U.S. Supreme Court to reconsider.

In many states where Republicans hold the majority in parliaments, attempts have been made in recent years to ban or make abortions more difficult. For example, the new law in Texas also bans abortions after incest and rape. In addition, termination of the pregnancy is only allowed if the pregnant woman’s life is in danger.

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