Ten Million Copies of Playstation 5 Sold

Sony has already sold more than 10 million copies of its latest game console, PlayStation 5. The console was released in November last year. The Japanese company calls it the fastest-selling game console it has ever made.


Sony had already announced in May that it was struggling to keep up with demand for the PlayStation 5. That could last until next year. The company attributes the interest in the game console to, among other things, the corona crisis, which means that people are sitting at home and looking for entertainment.

The PlayStation 5 is by no means the best-selling game console ever. That is the PlayStation 2. It came on the market in 2000 and was available in stores until 2013. About 155 million copies have been sold.

That game console took about a year to reach the limit of 10 million units. About 116 million units of the previous version of the game console, the PlayStation 4, have been sold. According to Sony, sales also started more slowly than with the PlayStation 5.

However, the big question also has a downside. The game console has been struggling with shortages and confusion over online deliveries since its launch. The company’s inability to ramp up production is said to be related to chip shortages that plague multiple industries.

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